Project Selection Process

Project Selection Process

Theme Formation

UAB committee members discuss a theme which has a strong research interest and supports the research capabilities of the participating universities. EAB members discuss a theme which is industry relevant and has a strong future commercial value. Based on the shared interests of both the boards (UAB and EAB), a common theme is decided which leads to cluster formation, which is the research area(s) for a particular round. The theme might vary in every round.


Team Formation

Once the theme is decided, Call For Proposal is sent to the professors at all the participating universities. This leads to inter-university communication between professors working in the relevant theme. Professors then form their teams and send across their consortium proposal to the UAB and EAB for further evaluation.


Consortium Proposal

The following steps are involved in the evaluation of the consortium proposal

  • The UAB appoints a group of International Reviewers who are subject matter experts of the relevant theme to evaluate the consortium proposals. Depending upon the uniqueness of each consortium proposal, the International Reviewers might be assigned for the evaluation of the specific proposal
  • Once the International Reviewers complete their evaluation, the evaluation is shared with the UAB and EAB
  • UAB further evaluates the consortium proposals on the research interests and EAB further evaluates the consortium proposals on commercial value shortlisting the proposals for the ITSP Submission


ITSP Proposal

After a rigorous selection process, the shortlisted proposals are submitted to the ITC for final evaluation before the project is approved


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