This section includes Frequently asked questions by sponsors and universities. Feel free to reach us via ‘Contact Us’ section if you would have any further questions

Questions for the Sponsors 

1. Is it possible to provide sponsorship only once?

The simple answer is no. We want our sponsors to be committed to their particular research cluster for a period of 4 years

2. What is the IP Rights arrangement for the research?

The IP Rights for the research belongs to the researching universities. However, the sponsors would be able to enjoy royalty free usage throughout the lifetime of the patent

3. How about if my direct competitor also invests in the same research cluster?

Our approach is pre-competitive, hence it should not make a difference even if your competitor is another sponsor. You both would be able to enjoy the outcome of the research

4. How do we keep updated about the research?

We would post latest news and updates on our website. Moreover, once the research is in progress, we will share the ongoing research with the concerned parties

5. What if I’d like to terminate the research funding after 1 year?

This would be subject to legal implications


Questions for the University Faculties 

1. If our proposal is not successful in the previous round, can we resubmit?

Yes, you’re welcome to re-submit your proposal, provided that it is still relevant to the cluster mentioned in the ‘Call For Proposal’

2. When do we learn if my project is selected?

Please look at the ‘Project Selection Process’ for the specific round

3. How much funding do we have for the project?

This would vary depending upon the type of the project. However, we’re expecting about HKD 5M per project approximately.

4. Can we form a team consisting of professors only from my university?

Yes. The participating universities can form a team which consist of professors from the university.

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