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Call for Proposals: Biomedical Systems




Project Selection Process

I. Introduction

The selection of projects is an important key to the success of the consortium. To meet the mission of the Research Alliance, we strive to achieve breakthrough innovation by

  •     Creating a fair assessment process to motivate innovative proposals
  •     Ensuring that the highest quality proposals are selected for submission to
  •     Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC)
  •     Addressing both academic rigor and industrial relevance simultaneously
  •     through active participation of the University Advisory Board (UAB) and Executive Advisory Board (EAB)

To this end, the process will be divided into two phases, namely Consortium Proposal and ITSP Proposal. The process flow and time line are as follows;

  • Call for Proposals Released – 22 Sep, 2017
  • Proposals due – 7  Nov, 2017
  • Results of reviews to Proposers – 26 January, 2018
  • Full ITSP proposal from Selected Proposals due – 1 March, 2018
  • Results of ITC review – approximately by June, 2018


II. Consortium Proposal

  •     All proposals should be made under the research theme of Call for Proposals (CFP).
  •     Sponsoring companies review proposals internally and prepare written reviews
  •     UAB with the help from Program Managers’ will compile a master list of qualified reviewers who are of high quality, objective and likely to finish on time.
  •     From the master list of high quality international reviewers at least 3 reviews per project will be obtained as UAB reviews
  •     At the proposal selection meeting PMs will facilitate EAB and UAB members discussion of reviews to select the shortlisted proposals to be submitted to the Innovation Technology and Commission (ITC) of the Hong Kong SAR Government and the use of Consortium funds for industry contribution for Innovation and Technology Support Program (ITSP) funding.


III. Selection Criteria

The proposal will be evaluated based on the following 5 criteria by local and international experts from academia and the sponsoring companies selected by the University Advisory Board (UAB) and Executive Advisory Board (EAB) of the Consortium.

  1. Overall scientific, innovation and technical merit
  2. Capabilities of proposed investigators
  3. Research goals that demonstrate useful outcomes during the project period with commercial impact in 5-10 years
  4. Financial considerations
  5. Collaboration among sister universities and MIT

IV. Project Vetting Process

  • Proposals will be solicited from universities in Hong Kong who can partner with MIT based on the call for proposals issued by the cluster
  • Selection of the project will be based on external reviews solicited by the Executive Advisory Board (EAB) and the University Advisory Board (UAB). It is expected that the PM will hold sufficient consultations with both the EAB and UAB to achieve consensus decisions. The selected projects will be submitted to ITC for ITSP funding approval
  • Reviewers agree to a set of confidentiality rules
  • Review comments will be strictly confidential (secretariat removes all names/references of names)
  • PMs are not eligible for submitting projects
  • Conveners can submit a project but are not involved in the proposal selection process


V. From Consortium Proposal to ITSP Proposal

Based on the review outcomes, selected proposals will be invited to submit a full proposal to ITC for Tier 2 Platform Research. Industrial sponsorships will be pre-matched from the industrial partners in the consortium. The proposal duration is 2 years with a renewal for 2 more years subject to ITC approval. It is anticipated that the projects will be funded at HK$3.5M to HK$5M per year. Annual funding for the project should be requested for the required resources to meet the proposal goals.


VI. Format of Proposal
The proposal should be at most 5 pages long

  1. Executive Summary (<200 words)
  2. Project Objectives and Impact (1 page)
    Elaborate the long term impact with a clear 5 to 10 year vision of the proposed research. The project objectives should be a key step toward the vision.
  3. Background of Project (1 page)
    Explain the technical background, the motivation and the problem statement of the project. Elaborate the prior work and the outstanding research or development challenges.
  4. R&D Methodology and Collaboration Plan (2 pages)
    Explain and outline the key technologies to be developed in the project. Explain the collaboration plan between different universities and partners involved.
  5. Deliverables and Budget (1/2 page)
    Summarize and outline the key deliverables (i.e. annual milestones) that demonstrate convincing evidence will be achieved. Prepare your annual milestones assuming that the first 2-year project is renewed with a second 2-year project.Budget breakdown should follow HK Government RGC cost guidelines for universities in HK. Budget breakdown for MIT should follow MIT guidelines. Formal approval of university contract administration will be sought during the ITSP proposal stage.
  6. Investigators
    2 page CV per investigator should also be submitted as appendix of the preliminary proposal.
  7. Others
    The submission should be in 12 point font.
    Graphs, diagrams and pictures are limited to 2 extra pages.
  8. Submission
    All applications must be submitted in soft copy to on or before  7 Nov, 2017. An email reply shall be sent by the Consortium within 3 working days to confirm receipt of the proposal. if you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact Ms. Rebecca Lee, Manager (Technical Marketing) of the Consortium at Tel: 2358 8964.


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